North American Hospital CEOs Visit Rambam


This week close to 50 hospital CEOs and key decision makers from North America spent the day at Rambam Health Care Campus, the largest hospital in north Israel, serving over one million people. Their goal? To learn more about Rambam’s innovations, cutting edge technologies, preparedness for emergencies, and other aspects of medical and professional practice.

The visit was planned by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute

Delegation members began their visit learning about Rambam’s history, achievements, and development plans from Professor Rafi Beyar, Rambam’s CEO. By understanding Rambam’s important role as the trauma and tertiary care center for northern Israel, delegates were better able to understand Rambam’s role in trauma training as well as their local and national contribution to emergency preparedness in mass casualty situations.

Research is critical to quality health care. Hence, delegates learned about ground-breaking research coming out of Rambam, including clinical and industrial applications for stem cell research in cardiology, and novel technologies in imaging which impact our understanding of disease.

The administrative aspect of medical care was also explored, as delegates learned about the impact of electronic patient records from a user perspective.

The visit closed with a tour of Rambam Health Care Campus. Delegates were inspired by Rambam’s state-of-the-art emergency department as well as the shock trauma unit. They saw a model of Rambam’s West Campus, which is currently under construction, and were impressed with Rambam’s soon to be inaugurated underground parking lot which, on 72 hours notice, will serve as the world’s largest fortified underground hospital.


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