COVID success may doom Boris Johnson and other commentary


Foreign desk: COVID Success May Doom Boris

“England is now the freest and most open place in Europe. It imposes no vaccine passports, no curfews, and no mandatory tests,” reports Dan Hannan at The Washington Examiner. Even “self-isolation for those who test positive” may be gone soon. And it’s all thanks to Brexit, which let Prime Minister Boris Johnson order vaccines without EU interference. And BoJo “twice disregarded calls for a lockdown, and both times was proved completely right.” But that raises the question: “Should he have done the same in March of 2020?” Voters are furious over a different scandal, but “what I suspect is driving their rage is a sneaking sense that many of the privations and sacrifices of the past 22 months were needless.”

From the right: Racial Preferences Backfired

In hearing challenges to “race-conscious admissions policies at Harvard and the University of North Carolina,” the Supreme Court should note studies like one by Duke researchers in 2012, urges Jason Riley at The Wall Street Journal. It found a 41-point drop between the percentage of black male freshmen who planned to major in economics or the hard sciences and the share of those who actually did — vs. only a five-point decline among white males. And entry-level test scores accounted for the gap. Similarly, after the University of California ended race-conscious admissions, blacks “were steered into schools that better matched their academic preparation, and black graduation rates rose.” Fact is, racial preferences have produced fewer black architects, scientists and physicians: They’re not just “legally dubious” but downright “counterproductive.”

Conservative: Biden’s the ‘Curmudgeon in Chief’

“Joe Biden — and, by extension, the country — has an inflation crisis. He called a reporter ‘a stupid son of a bitch’ for asking about it,” notes Joe Concha at The Hill. “Last week, he said a query from another reporter about Russia and Ukraine was a stupid question.” The prez is “understandably upset. His Build Back Better bill and the trillions of social spending that went along with it is dead in its current form and his party’s attempt to overhaul election law via a federal takeover also was thwarted.” With inflation at a 40-year high and crime out of control, nothing is going as planned. And the talk that he’d treat “journalists with respect and dignity” is “another promise unkept by the curmudgeon in chief.”

Libertarian: China’s Crackdown Goes Global

Who knew that Beijing’s national-security law, with brutal penalties for criticizing the regime, would affect international students in America? But as Liz Wolfe notes at Reason, “China has long been the number one feeder of international students to the U.S.” And the pandemic sent many students home to Hong Kong, raising the question: “Is it safe for them to learn?” Yes, “Zoom enabled learning to continue unabated,” but privacy from Beijing’s snoops isn’t guaranteed. “Professors have called on Zoom to provide certain contractual promises related to sharing private information with the Chinese government and complying with the CCP’s censorship demands. But the company has been either quiescent on that front or actively bad.”

From the right: Joe’s Bogus Euro-Energy Plan

Mark Antonio Wright at National Review slams Team Biden’s plan to bolster Europe’s energy resources, as Russia, which supplies a third of them, threatens war: “Biden’s ‘plan’ is properly understood as geopolitical theater” because “the time to fix this problem was ten years ago.” Truth is, “the Obama-Biden administration fought the development of U.S. oil and gas reserves at every turn. It fought the development of the American pipeline system and American energy-exportation facilities.” And now Biden “has frittered away credibility, time, and money with a symbolic release from the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve in a laughable attempt to reduce the price at the pump by a few (temporary) cents at a moment when there was a geopolitical and energy crisis afoot.”

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