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Dr. Carlos WARTER is an American author and innovator, born in Chile, planetary citizen, Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist,Ph.D. and Transpersonal Psychologist. He is an international lecturer, Emeritus Professor of International University of Professional Studies for his contributions to integral human development, essential development and integral health.

He has completed post-graduate studies at Harvard University, (Resident in Children’s Hospital in Pediatric Medicine) and at Colorado University in Family Medicine (Diplomate ABFP and American Board Psychiatric Medicine).

Dr. Warter is a guest lecturer at UCSD, an International Fellow at the American Psychiatric Association, American Group Psychotherapy Association, a Specialist in Psychiatry at Maimonides University, has studied with Idries Shah in the United Kingdom at the Institute for Cultural Research. He is a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at University of Miami School of Medicine and Clinical Assistant Professor of Complementary Medicine at JABSOM School of Medicine University of Hawaii.Has written over 20 books,some of them translated into nine languages.

He coined the concept of psycho-synergy in the 1970s as a psychological notion to contemplate personal development through the integration of spiritual values in human evolution relating to our soul’s journey and its responsibilities throughout life.

He has had close contact with many spiritual leaders ranging from tribal chieftains to HH Dalai Lama, Pope JP II, Sai Baba , and he has studied Yoga, Sufism, Kabala and ethnobotanical traditions.

Warter’s vision is unique in that it is inclusive, projected into the future, valuing traditions of the past with respect yet realizing that destiny is being created in a singularly and mysteriously new way for each being and time of our species, which brings into place a non-dogmatic, open, transformative energy that includes each individual and all into a free and new space.

This requires deep inner work and a new understanding of the purpose of human life that separates his work from philosophical or psychological repetitious or theoretical explanations and requires a deep inner inquiry.

Warter is clear that we have completed a cycle of social and psychological planetary development and that we need to activate the neuroplasticity of new avenues of our being to reach a positive destiny of vital quality for the development of future generations.

Through his work at The World Health Foundation for Development and Peace he received the United Nations Peace Messenger Award and was nominated to the Alternative Nobel, Right Livelihood Award, given to Edward Snowden in 2014. He was prefaced in his first book at the age of 23 by Pablo Neruda.

His methodology has continually evolved, from a time when training in entheogenic therapy was part of academic curriculum, to the current time when it might be celebrating its return.

He has recently returned to the US, and is living in North County, San Diego, with his wife, Carolina Penna,( Transpersonal Psychologist, Early Childhood Educator and currently student of Chinese Medicine). He has four children: an MD, aPsychologist, a Cinema and a recent High School graduate. He is offering multi-day retreats, lectures, and private therapy to the community at large, and will soon be offering online events.

Dr. Warter has been nourished from traditional psychoanalysis, to existential, humanistic, transpersonal schools, having been influenced by shamanism and its traditions. These ancient pathways are, through meditation and ethnobotanical research, influencing their return and enhancement of modern ways of healing.


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