Software-defined storage in action at Maimonides Medical Center


DataCore Software Customer Testimonial: Maimonides Medical Center

DataCore Software interviews Gabriel Sandu and Walter Fahey of Maimonides Medical Center about why they chose DataCore SANsymphony-V as their software-defined storage solution.

Full Transcript:

Software Defined Storage in action at Maimonides Medical Center
IT Challenges:

• 24 x 7x 365 Critical patient care
• No window for planned downtime
• Clustered data centers split between 2 sites
• Apps require tiered storage from multiple suppliers

6500 employees

Walter Fahey, Senior Vice President & CIO, Maimonides Medical Center

“At Maimonides we don’t have the luxury of downtime. We provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s critical to our patients that their lives be in the best hands possible and we need to provide the best service possible. That’s why we use DataCore.

We’ve split our data centers, we cluster our servers and this way we can provide maintenance on one side and not effect or impact the applications.”

Gabriel Sandu, CTO, Maimonides Medical Center

“For instance, we had a power outage in one data center one time and our patients and clinical staff didn’t even notice. The other data center was up and DataCore was managing the storage and we did not have any downtime.
If DataCore was not in the picture we would definitely need to hire more people to maintain the storage and buy more equipment and this would mean millions of dollars that we did not have to spend. Our storage growth is in terms of petabytes. And the drivers are regulatory compliance and the adoption of new applications. SANsymphony allows us to purchase a significantly lesser amount of storage.

We decided to purchase our storage systems from multiple vendors because this gives us negotiating power….and DataCore allows us to manage all these discrete systems from different vendors seamlessly and without compatibility issues.”
The performance benefits of using DataCore caching software is very valuable. This allows us to use mid-range storage instead of enterprise grade which is more expensive.”

“We’ve been working with DataCore since 2001 and what kept this partnership so strong is that they allow us to have the latest storage technology without the need of replacing hardware, and their support has been outstanding.

My advice to my colleagues is not to be afraid to use software defined storage. Don’t think your it processes are too critical to adopt storage virtualization. We’ve been running all our storage like this for over 10 years.”

Walter Fahey, Senior Vice President & CIO, Maimonides Medical Center

“In working with DataCore, we find them as a very good partner. They provide the service that we need, they’re always available 24 by 7. In the event of an emergency we have the contacts, we get their support that we require and we’re able to maintain our uptime at 100 percent.”


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