Dandruff problem increases in winter, get rid of with these home remedies


Having dandruff or dandruff in the hair during the cold season is a very common problem. In fact, during the cold season, the scalp becomes rough, causing dandruff problems. It’s very harmful to our hair. This causes problems like itching in the head, hair loss and breakage. So let’s know the home remedies to get privacy from dandruff:-

1. Fenugreek:- Melt fenugreek seeds and make a paste of it. Then apply it to the scalp. Leave to dry for some time and wash the hair with clean water later.

2. Coconut and olive oil:- If you are also disturbed by dandruff in the cold, coconut or olive oil is very fruitful. For this, mix camphor in oil and massage. This will quickly remove the dandruff problem.

3. Use aloe vera gel:- Aloe vera is a plant rich in medicinal properties. The antifungal and antibacterial properties present in aloe vera are fruitful in removing dandruff problems.

4. Apply curd to hair:- Curd is very effective in eliminating dandruff from hair. It also nourishes hair. Applying curd on hair and scalp greatly reduces dandruff problems. For this, take a bowl of curd and apply it to the roots and scalp of the hair. Massage the scalp well. Leave it on for 1-2 hours. Then wash the hair thoroughly with clean water.

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