Biomaterials for regenerative medicine and therapeutics


Biomaterials are materials that are designed to interact with the body usually as sensors or probes, but they can also be used in therapeutics to replace conventional drugs in the fight against cancer and even Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

Julian Jones is a Professor of Biomaterials in the Department of Materials. Prior to this he held a Royal Academy of Engineering/ EPSRC Research Fellowship (awarded 2004), having completed his PhD in 2002. He joined the Department of Materials at Imperial having obtained an MEng in Metallurgy and the Science of Materials from the University of Oxford in 1999.

His research interests are in biomaterials for regenerative medicine. His work on process development of foamed gel-derived bioactive glass (the first 3D porous scaffold made from bioactive glass) and inorganic/ organic hybrids has produced tough and flexible bioactive scaffolds suitable for tissue engineering applications.


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