IsoT Rambam 2016 f


IsoT 505 Mobile IsolationClean Environment Unit
Fully automatic isolation unit (negative and positive pressurized)
The new IsoT 505 incorporates both negative and positive air pressure technologies.
The new IsoT 505 can be used as clean, isolated environment for contagious diseases using the unit’s negative air pressure capabilities.
The new IsoT 505 can also be used as clean, isolated operation unitisolation room for patients with weakened immune system, using the unit’s positive air pressure capabilities.

Isolated double chamber entrance hall for preliminary deployment and preparation.
Double filtering technology – Negative pressure filtered vacuum unit (H14 99,999 filtration efficiency) combined with Positive pressure filtered blower unit with climate control capabilities.
Filtration Efficiency – 99.99% for 0.3 micron particles and largerMeets ISO class 8-6 acceptance criteria (class 1,000 according toF.S.209E) for an airborne particulate cleanness level

Fully customizable according to client needs.
Isolated bathroom & toilet unit.
Waste and Sewage Disposal system (Including Chlorination unit)enables safe and isolated disposal of discharges from within the Iso-T 505.


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