How the U.S. could address confusing, shifting COVID-19 health directives


Joshua Sharfstein:

An important point for me is that I think both the agencies have done a lot of really important work during the pandemic and have saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives in this country, because this could have, believe it or not, been much, much worse without safe and effective vaccines, without really good advice on how people can protect themselves. What I’m trying to say is that by working together, you can get hopefully to a stronger level of understanding of what needs to be done and a stronger level of action for people to do things that make sense to protect themselves. Otherwise, we’re stuck where we may feel like we’re watching a little bit of a ping pong game and really have this sense of, you know, uncertainty, you know, when there’s scary news out there about hospitals filling up, we want to hear what the tools are that we have to protect ourselves and how to use them to do that as well as possible. It requires these two agencies and their great scientists to come together.

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