As COVID cases decline in New York State, demand for at-home tests remains high


HALFMOON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With COVID cases in New York State starting to decline, demand for at-home COVID tests still remains relatively high. Tests have flown off shelves at pharmacies. In an effort to keep up with demand, local governments continue to hold test distribution events for residents who want them.

“We had four lanes earlier; we’re now down to one lane. So we’re happy that a lot of people have come out and gotten the kits that they want,” says Kevin Tollisen, town supervisor of Halfmoon. Supervisor Tollisen says the town received around 1,100 at-home test kits to distribute. The event was held from 3-5 Saturday. Demand remained high once the event kicked off but waned.

Tollisen says if any tests are leftover from Saturday’s distribution, they will be given out during the week. As of now, he is unsure if or when the next shipment from the county will arrive saying, “obviously, we never know that. Saratoga County Office of Emergency Services, we work with them very closely. They work very hard to get more test kits in. This is our second time doing it. The first time we did it was during the week. We figured it was best to do it on a weekend.” 

On Friday, Governor Kathy Hochul announced COVID cases in New York State have dropped 66 percent and that the state positivity rate has also dropped below 10 percent. As far as masks go, the current indoor mask requirement is set to expire on February 1. It is unclear at this time whether the governor will continue the mandate.

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