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Scaling and root planing are different forms of treatment for periodontitis periodontitis (or pyorrhea or gum disease).

In this 3D animation from Clínica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( we talk about the diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis (pyorrhea) by performing scaling and root planing.

It shows how plaque and tartar will accumulate around the teeth and how it is removed using different instruments, thus returning the gum to a healthy state.
Here we can see the process of probing, one of the elements used to diagnose periodontal disease. The greater the measure, the greater is the existing periodontal pocket.
The progressive accumulation of plaque and tartar causes that the resorption of the bone that supports the teeth. Gums will show signs of inflammation and bleeding, among others. Once the accumulated plaque mineralizes, it becomes tartar, which can no longer be removed with regular brushing.
To remove tartar, curettes and ultrasound devices that are introduced below the gum are used. Polishing tools can also be used to polish the tooth surface. The gingiva in the absence of plaque and tartar will no longer be inflamed and will return to a healthy state.
This can originate retractions.
In a side view we can see the same process of scaling and root planing and the posterior healing of the gums.

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