EMNews Live April 2018 Podcast: Rick and Martha with Sergey Motov, MD!


Educator Spotlight 🔦 – Martha Roberts Cronin

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Topics Covered in this Issue:

“The Cure for Back Pain Is Biting the Bullet” by Graham Walker, MD

“Is Phenobarbital for Alcohol Withdrawal Ready for the Big Time?” by Leon Gussow, MD

“TXA Superior to Packing for Epistaxis, and Patients Like It Better” by Dustin Ballard, MD, & David Vinson, MD

“Rage against Renal Colic: Keep the Ketorolac, Maybe Morphine, Leave the Lido for Last” by Dan Runde, MD

“Three Things You Should Know about Sickle Cell Disease” by EMedHome.com

And much more!


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