Dr. Charles Schleien: Maimonides Medical Achievement Award – Chai Lifeline's 2018 Annual Gala


Dr. Charles Schleien, Executive Director for the Cohen Children’s Medical Center, received the Maimonides Medical Achievement Award at Chai Lifeline’s 2018 Annual Gala on November 19 in the Grand Hyatt in New York City. Dr. Schleien has long partnered with Chai Lifeline to offer world-class medical care to Chai Lifeline children and families and is at the vanguard of pediatric medical research and treatment.

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Chai Lifeline gives children, families, and communities the tools they need to meet the challenges of living with pediatric illness or loss.

Chai Lifeline’s year-round programs and services address the emotional, social, and financial needs of young patients, their parents and siblings.

Our largest program is Camp Simcha/Camp Simcha Special. Every summer, 480 campers enjoy a needed respite from illness in an environment filled with friendship, love, and encouragement. They rediscover their childhood, and when they leave camp they realize that they do not have be defined by illness or disabilities.

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