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We’ll begin this week’s recommended reads with some news on two wonderful stem cell scientists. While there are thousands of stem cell scientists, some stand out for their especially creative work.

News on stem cell scientists


Nobel Laureate Shinya Yamanaka, the first to produce induced pluripotent stem cells
Dr. Shinya Yamanaka.

Nobel laureate Yamanaka to retire as director of iPS cell center, Asahi Shimbun. Dr. Yamanaka will spend more time on his own lab’s research.

Jun Takahashi will be the new CiRA leader.

Fuchs goes boldly where no stem cell biologist has gone before, ASBMB. When reading the headline I thought the story might be about stem cell scientist Elaine Fuchs going to space or something. However, it’s about her winning a prestigious award.

I love this quote from her:

“You can never solve an equation about life,” Fuchs said. “It took me much of my career to realize that that’s what I enjoy most about biology. There are always new questions that emerge from each experiment.”

I recommend the video below from Fuchs explaining skin stem cells.

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