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If you’ve ever wondered about taking multiple herbal tinctures at once, you’re not alone. Which herbal formulas can be taken with others? Should you wait several hours (or more) in-between different herbs or formulas? And could one herb or formula cancel out the effect of another? Here we’ll cover the basics of why we mix herbs in our tinctures and whether and how you can mix tinctures themselves!

It’s important to keep in mind that humans have been consuming herbs, spices, and seeds together for millennia. Our bodies have become accustomed to ingesting herbal formulas, because it’s very much like food. For example, people in India have been using Turmeric for more than 4,000 years. The spice is used for both religious and culinary purposes. It’s only natural that western herbalists have also caught on to Turmeric’s health benefits, leading them to blend Turmeric with western herbs in order to support a healthy modern household.  

Why Use Multiple Herbs Instead of One?

Herbal formulas are like an orchestra when blended correctly. The conductor (or formulator in this case) artistically combines particular herbs together when making an herbal formula or tincture. Herbs synergistically work together, like the different instruments in an orchestra. Herbs do not cancel each other; instead, they work together to support the building blocks within various systems of our bodies. Synergistic herbal blends may target the immune system, digestive system, and even the nervous system — all at the same time!

If you use WishGarden’s herbal formulas, you’re already taking multiple herbs together! For instance, you could use Echinacea by itself for immunity, since it supports the innate immune response. But why not go the extra step and take something like Kick-Ass Immune Activator, which combines Echinacea with additional herbs like Yerba Santa leaf, Yarrow aerials, and Lovage root to support optimal immunity?

Is it OK to Take Herbal Tinctures Together?

Now that we understand the efficiency behind blending multiple herbs into one formula, the next logical question is whether you can also combine more than one herbal formula together.

The first step should always be to ask your individual practitioner, because everyone is different. But in general, herbal formulas and tinctures with one or more herbs may be taken in the same day or within 24 hours, depending on their suggested use.

If you are especially sensitive to herbs or other supplements, I always recommend taking them with food in your system, since they have the potential to make you feel nauseous otherwise.

Adding your herbal formulas to hot tea, water, or fresh fruit juice can be a great method for combining them. I prefer taking my herbal tinctures in hot tea, because I can add all the suggested doses in at once with a delicious touch of honey. 

A Few of WishGarden’s Favorite Herbal Formula Combos

WishGarden Herbs Deep Stress and Kick-Add Immune Activator

Combining Serious Elderberry and Deep Stress Adrenal Rescue! supports healthy cortisol levels when I’m stressed out, and the Elderberry protects my compromised immune system from the impacts of stress!

Deep Stress Adrenal Rescue! also pairs well with Kick-Ass Daily Immune With Elderberry and Astragalus to support our immunity and adrenal functions during highly stressful periods of time, while the Astragalus helps modulate the immune system on a daily basis.

Get Over It! and Serious Cough tinctures complement each other to support the immune system during lingering seasonal discomforts. Wild Cherry bark soothes the bronchioles and moves mucus along, while the herbs in Get Over It synergistically work on the advanced immune responses.

AfterEase, Baby Blues, and AfterBirth Sitzbath may seem like a lot, but these three go together like bread and butter. New mothers experience a variety of changes in their bodies, and herbal allies like Black Haw bark may soothe afterbirth pains. Yarrow appears frequently in the ingredient lists for these formulas, because this multi-purpose herb helps normalize blood flow and circulation. Postpartum blues are common in modern households; therefore, baby blues can be taken during the delicate period of breastfeeding to support mama’s mood. We recommend mixing the AfterEase and Baby Blues tinctures in your favorite beverage and drinking it while soaking in the AfterBirth Sitzbath.

Lauren Ann Nichols attended The Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism and received her certificate in medical herbalism. She is the owner of Herbal Vice, a small-batch skincare company, and grows the herbs used in her products. She is currently a customer service representative at WishGarden Herbs.

For educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or sell any product.

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