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Protein for kids…

Protein is an essential nutrient to support healthy growth and development of children. RDI will depend on gender and age, calculated based on body weight. Food amounts given above are recommended serving sizes as per the Australian Dietary Guidelines. It’s helpful to get to know this so you can ensure your child consumes a balance of nutritious foods to optimise their health. Kids that are more physically active will generally require additional intake.

Kids Protein RDI (Recommended Daily Intake)

Kids Protein RDI (Recommended Daily Intake)

Considering children rarely eat the same way every day (love chickpeas one day, “what on earth is this??!?!?!” the next), it’s important that we encourage them to eat a wide range of nutritious food regularly by setting an example through our own dietary practices. (Practice what you preach mum and dad) Aim to offer protein rich foods at meals and snacks.

Whole Food Protein Sources

Whole Food Protein Sources

Whole Food Protein Sources

If your family consumes meat, fish and other animal products, absolutely include plant-based proteins in your child’s diet, they contain valuble nutrients as well as massive bonus points for extra fibre. If your child and/or family only consume plant-based proteins, try and combine protein sources to ensure you can acquire optimal amounts of essential amino acids (essential amino acids are essential because our bodies can not synthesise them). Aim for a balance of pulses, nuts, seeds, soy and grains.


Day on a Plate - Kids

Day on a Plate – Kids

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