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We’ve all been there — well, some of us have. You were the life of the party last night, and today you’re paying the price. Luckily, WishGarden Herbs has your back with our new Party Prep herbal tincture, your pre-game party partner!

We’ve formulated this pre-party friend with traditional herbs that help maintain normal liver function and aid detoxification, such as Prickly Pear fruit (Opuntia ficus-indica), Japanese Raisin seed (Hovenia dulcis), Milk Thistle seed (Silybum marianum), Chicory root (Cichorium intybus), and Burdock root (Arctium lappa). These herbs works best when consumed before drinking, so take it before you leave your house and your body will thank you with a surprise pep in your step in the morning. Set it on your nightstand as a reminder to take it before bed as added protection against the dreaded morning after.

To create this amazing formula, we stepped out of our region and found some less commonly used plants that have a history of supporting the liver’s elimination of acetaldehyde (a toxic substance that can cause cell damage) for a better morning after. In other words, we constructed an herbal formula to support the metabolism when drinking excess amounts of alcohol.

Prickly Pear Fruit

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been seeing Prickly Pear fruit everywhere these days! The fruit has been used by indigenous people for thousands of years and is common in the Southwestern region of the United States. It has nutritional and medicinal benefits and has recently been used as a flavoring ingredient in kombucha and other delicious beverages. But let’s talk about its medicinal uses! 

Prickly Pear fruit

Prickly Pear fruit in Saudi Arabia. Photo Credit: Irshadpp on Wikimedia Commons. 

In a study from Tulane University, subjects who consumed Prickly Pear extract in advance of consuming alcohol had lower levels of C-reactive protein. This protein is produced by the liver and contributes to inflammation and the crummy morning-after-drinking feels! 

Japanese Raisin Seed

Our team here at WishGarden Herbs has been hard at work identifying other botanicals to help you feel better after imbibing, and sure enough, we found another awesome botanical: Japanese Raisin seed.

Japanese Raisin seed

Japanese Raisin seed. Photo Credit: Rareplant.

Japanese Raisin is native to Asia, where it is frequently used in teas, desserts, and breads. The seed of the raisin is where things get exciting. One study showed that Japanese Raisin seed helps the body metabolize alcohol more efficiently and protects the liver from alcohol-related damage. Now, that’s what I call an herbal party prepper!

More Herbs for a Better Morning After

We’ve taken Prickly Pear fruit and Japanese Raisin seed and added Milk Thistle seed, Chicory root and Burdock root to create a powerful herbal formula to support the hepatic system — your body’s master detox system.

Chicory and Burdock root provide the liver with essential nutrients to support the enzymatic transformation of substances from the bloodstream into the organs of elimination. Both contain a starchy, soluble fiber called inulin. Inulin is also a prebiotic, making it great for gut health. 

Milk Thistle seed is the most popular traditionally used herb for liver health. It does a great job supporting cell rejuvenation in the liver and may protect the membranes of the hepatocyte cells that make up the liver parenchyma — the functional tissue important for metabolism of waste.

With this blend of action-packed herbal allies and botanicals, it’s no wonder that Party Prep gives you a better morning after an overindulgent night!

Sindy Wise is an herbalist and co-formulator at WishGarden Herbs. Her first experience in natural products came from working in a small co-op in Pueblo, Colorado, when she was in high school! Some of her favorite herbs include Nettles, Osha, St. John’s Wort, and Passionflower. Learn more about Sindy in her interview on our blog and catch her frequent Q&As on our Instagram!

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