Deepika Padukone’s FAVOURITE DIY remedies include champi & malai: Reveals more about her beauty brand


One of the most successful and renowned actresses in the international film industry today, Deepika Padukone has a lot up her sleeve. Not just from the film perspective, but the actress also announced that she’s all set to launch her beauty brand in summer this year. In an exclusive chat with Marie Claire magazine, the actress talked about her inspirations, favourite ghar-ke-nuskhe and more, that set base to launch her own line that will also expand into wellness.

To begin with, the 36-year-old revealed that her first experience with beauty was when she would see her mother getting ready, recalling that her mother would apply a few dots of lipstick on her cheeks to give her a flushed look when she was in school. “Those really are my fondest memories of beauty: having my mother dress me up,” the actress said, reiterating that her mother has been her inspiration for all things beauty and fashion.

‘Less is more’, is a concept that DP strongly swears by and adds that this too, was passed down to her by her mother and grandmother. Coming to her beauty line, the actress said, “There’s a side of me who always likes to keep everything understated and the other side of me is “neon fuchsia gown on the Cannes red carpet”, which translates to her beauty line. The looks of it might be dramatic, but the skincare is simple and revolves around the concept of less is more.
When it comes to Indian home remedies, the Gahraiyaan actress has her list of favourites and it begins with the Champi. Known for her glorious, smooth and lustrous locks, we aren’t entirely surprised! Her favourite part about champis is that sometimes you leave it on overnight and other times you wash it off in a few hours and cools her head. “It’s the most incredible feeling and there’s so much nostalgia attached to it,” she told the magazine.

The actor turned producer also believes that Indian women can teach the world. Another DIY remedy she strongly believes in and follows is applying malai (the cream formed on top of hot milk) to heal sunburns and damaged skin. A chopped tomato is something she uses to exfoliate her skin. And the evergreen, haldi and dahi or milk combination is what DP swears by for glowing skin.

A quirk that she still follows is applying baby powder every night before sleeping. Padukone has been doing it for many years and grew up watching her mother do it. She told the magazine that she almost feels incomplete without it!

The actress also added that her definition of beauty has evolved. “Now, I feel most beautiful when I’m the most centred,” she said. While growing up it was the physical attribution of beauty that concerned her but now it is more about feeling a oneness with her truest self.

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