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A list of feel good conversation starters

Save this post for some #conversationstarters 🙂 I think about this a lot at this time of year, how easy it is for us to slip into a pattern of conversation starters which you may not realise are a bit insensitive to those you’re speaking with. I say it from experience too, having been a single mum for many years before meeting Al, everyone for some reason needed to know at Christmas about my love life or “why” I was single 🙄. Even if they meant it well, it felt an insensitive topic to choose when there are lots of others they could. The same goes for body image, if someone has lost or gained weight, you don’t need to make comment, it’s really not your position to do so. And if there’s a couple please consider a few things … some aren’t ready for kids, some don’t want kids, and some are on a fertility journey… it’s not your place to ask when or if, just try another convo starter 😊

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